Monday, February 06, 2006

Parallel journeys

I went to my 25th high school reunion a couple of years ago. Few things in my life have been more surreal than seeing all my high school compatriots again. While it was very interesting to catch up to some of the people, it was also weird and disconcerting, like the feeling you get when you eat too much chicken vindaloo. I was glad to go home. How much peace, love, and disco music must one person endure? I did this drawing awhile back. It is of an area of Pittsburgh near where I used to live. I have not been there in many years, and I suspect I would no longer know it now. Would the city remember me? Probably not. And in a strange way, that's good.


Francesca said...

I love the rain-drenched feel of this one, it's so atmospheric.

orangefrute88 said...

just in time for the steeler's victory.... seriously, this is an amazing piece. VERY atmospheric, very moody, just wonderful!

joel said...

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ottoblotto said...

:) Thanks Joel.