Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Bird of Paradise

OK, so I love old wallpapers, and I've garnered quite a collection of them over the years. One roll just happened to be this wonderful metallic silver vinyl with yellow and strawberry fluff stripes, and bright orange flocking. It takes me back to my childhood in a way that only an avocado green stove and matching refrigerator can do. Anyway, I knew it was made for some sort of campy art moment. How that evolved into this woman bird, I'm not quite sure. You can see her, and others like her here. It reminds me of the days of astronauts and tang and deviled eggs. I had a poncho with Spanish ball fringe on it. Really.


Francesca said...

Hey I had an orange candlewick poncho, boy did I look cool! Not.
That's a great piece although I really can't imagine having that wallpaper actually on the wall :)

Sal said...

I love this world you take me back to - and Ican picture my house with that wallpaper... in fact something less extreme but still a combination of flock and metallic definitely graced my childhood home. That bird woman is not my mum though. No. She lived next door.

katat0nik (JaneKL) said...

Your bird ladies rock. :) know you can't mention a poncho with Spanish ball fringe and NOT post a pic...come on let's see it! lol

kidding :D