Sunday, September 13, 2015

Illustration Friday: Villain

People often ask me if I know the people I draw. The answer is no. I mostly draw from mug shots.

Library People #146, a graphite drawing by Nortth Carolina portrait artist Natalie SchorrMug shots are in the public domain, so there is no worry that someone will come after you for use of the image. Still, one never knows how people will feel about these things.

The word for Illustration Friday this week is Villain. While a few of the people I draw could definitely be classified as villains, most are just your garden variety public drunk-and-disorderly types. Would you know a villain if you saw one?

I kind of doubt I could spot a villain in a lineup. Sometimes the tattooed stranger is really an OK guy, while the little grandmother type turns out to be the villain.

Life is funny that way.