Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Business Reply Mail - Part 2

Well, today I finished "Give", the companion piece to "Take", which I published in the previous post. They are inspired by old photos from my parents, who belonged to a civic group in which they were very active. It was always very mysterious to me as a child, because they would hire a babysitter for us while they went out to their meetings. They were always giving and getting awards, too. They have tons of pictures from those days showing women in heavy glasses and polyester dresses, and men with bad hairpieces and polyester suits. Polyester seems to be the common thread, which in some strange way brings me back to the business reply mail stuff. It is odd that the two are somehow connected in my mind. Or not.

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orangefrute88 said...

not odd at all, nat! these are fabulous... i love them