Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The Effects of Garlic on the Perimenopausal Woman

I go to a little coffee shop on Saturday evenings before church. There I can actually chat with my husband without constant interruption from the kids, and occasionally, that's pretty cool. I notice these women about my age, and every week they are there ordering the same thing - garlic bread.
What's with that?
I crave garlic all the time. I put powdered garlic on just about everything on my plate. My husband and children think I am psychotic. And smelly. They are probably not far from right, although I am still stable enough to remember not to put it in my coffee.
An old dictionary gave its life for this drawing. I feel kind of sad for it, because the person who put the Ex Libris sticker in it never bothered to fill in a name. Hopefully the dictionary is uplifted by having this drawing inside its cover, even if the guy looks a bit psychotic. Kind of like me, only with less hair.
Maybe he needs some garlic on his toast. You can purchase the real piece by following one of the eBay links, such as the one in the title. He's also in my Cafepress shop.


Forever Young said...

i hate the stuff, the smell is soooo yuk, but it's supposed to be you go girl and breathe on whoever makes you cross...

stuffed said...

I've always adored garlic... to excess. I'm lucky that my nearest finds it a turn on.

I like the idea of doing a self portrait as a fifties or sixties psycho! lol