Sunday, September 23, 2007

Blood Oranges

I think I've posted this drawing before, but I can't remember, and I am disinclined to sort through months of posts to find it. It has been a week since Otto passed, and I would like to say the grief is more managable, but I don't really think I've progressed significantly, so I am posting old work.

Because the economy is so lousy, I have started selling off some of my old kimono collection on eBay. There is little emotion attached to it, so that makes it easier to handle. It's really just stuff.

This piece reminds me of a teacher or two I had growing up. Grumpy, and haloed by a slice of blood orange. I suspect sainthood was a whole different thing for her. It's graphite and colored pencil. It is titled Dirge. I don't know the place in me from which it came, but it is close by.

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stuffed said...

I love Dirge. Reminds me of so many wonderful old pix with interesting hand colored backgrounds.

I hear you on pet grief. :0(