Sunday, January 29, 2006


Lots going on today. My daughter continues to improve, thankfully, and she enjoyed everyone's comments and well wishes on yesterday's blog entry. This afternoon was taken up with a sketch [and believe me, it was only a sketch] of the hands of God holding the world for the cover of an invitation to something at the church. Many thanks to my neighbor, Wayne, who posed for the hands of God. Other art was persued, and taxes get wrapped up in the morning and sent away. I chose this piece to feature tonight as a tribute to my friend Toni's mom, who passed recently. It is called Diverge. Do check out my store at You can find there many of the pieces featured in this blog, including a now completed Dream 17, which is currently on auction. Comments. Y'all know I love comments.


orion713 said...

Natalie the work on your blog so far is amazing as always. :) I am glad to hear your daughter is feeling better. I remember ear infections from when I was small...OUCH they hurt!

katat0nik (JaneKL) said...

Every time I see your work I end up saying the same thing: WOW

Glad your daughter is doing better, you should show some of her art here sometime:) (I don't know if your daughter actually does draw, but I'm just assuming she's a naturally gifted artist...since you're her mom & all)

Francesca said...

That is one of my favourite pieces of yours, I really wish I owned it!

orangefrute88 said...

i know, that pieces is sooooo... evocative.... moody..... i love seeing it in your store when i stop by.

hello to the little ear infecton patient! yes, i would expect she's quite the budding artist as well, is it true? :)

Detlef said...

I love industrial landscapes - I can see this gracing the cover of an album. I'm particlarly intrigued from a technical perspective how you did the ground cover in the foreground?