Thursday, November 15, 2007

Illustration Friday: Scale

Fun with Photoshop today.
Unlike most Americans these days, my son is just a skinny thing. He likes to tell me he is macho, and loves to show off his muscles, such as they are. He weighs but 62 pounds soaking wet.
When I was young, people who were overweight had the decency to wear something large and tent-like, but as more and more Americans creep into fatdom, those old inhibitions seem to have faded away. Here in Arizona, where it is always hot, there seems to be no end to the overexposure of flesh.
We witnessed such an extreme example of this one day recently, that my son turned to me and said, "Mom, that's just WRONG!"
Indeed. Where did those old inhibitions go?


studio lolo said...

Great drawing and excellent composition! He is a little macho thing, isn't he!
I still have those inhibitions, so if I ever come to your area I won't give you "skin shock." I know what you're talking about though. Spandex is NOT meant for everyone! Maybe one reason people are showing more flesh than they should is because they're learning to accept themselves as they are. Just a thought :)

Forever Young said...

i agree with you completely, and for me the very worst is a 6 months+ pregnant woman with a stretch - marked belly hanging out of a tight vesty not a prude, but this repels me! i think your son looks eggsellent and healthy.

Nancy Bea said...

I LOVE this. Your work always strikes a chord with me, despite the fact that our styles are so different. Do you know the work of Felix Vallotton?

Call me Madame Botero but I actually enjoy seeing people's lavish flesh peeping out coyly. But maybe I haven't gotten the full exposure that you have (I live in the chilly Northeast.)

amigazul said...

lol, macho! xD
thank you for the comment.
I like the colors of your image.

Christine Clemmensen said...

This is cool:)

I've tagged you on my blog, 5 weird or random things, if you want to join in. ;-) C

todzilla said...

It's Todd carignan. Great drawings. Isaac's so funny. Glad to see you at it as strong as ever. Saw a few older favorites trying to track you down. I'm wondering if you have some food recipe art left from the old days.