Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Telephone Time

Remember when telephones had cords, and you were always stretching them to the limit so you could talk on the phone while cooking dinner? That was convenience. Who knew? *
I wonder whose idea it was to name a phone a bluetooth? I marvel at the mind that thinks something like that up. I wonder what caused them to put "blue" and "tooth" together, and what might they have tried before settling on bluetooth? And why tooth, if you are going to clip the thing to your ear? Shouldn't it be blueear? Maybe that doesn't work as well because of the double "e's." Or could it be that we're just wearing them wrong? I'll have to think on that a bit.
I did this little piece today in ink, with a little watercolor. You can read more about the how on otto's art supply review blog. *


Fai Mao said...

They couldn't call it a "Blue ear" because Blue ear disease is a a condition that pigs get. It kills the pig.

So, a device called a "Blue-Ear" might not have great appeal in certain professions or religions

stuffed said...

Excellent. Love the mug on the guy on the left.

I miss being able to tap phones on a table or countertop to emphasize a point. I won't ever do that with a cell. :0( Oh, and the slamming down of the receiver when mad.
"GOODBYE!" /slam
We're missing out.