Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The Joy of Paint

I am painting my house just now. Usually, I paint with very muted, unobtrusive colors, kind of like my drawings. Now that I am here in Arizona, where the landscape is pretty muted unless you are just really into brown, I decided to spice things up a bit and use some real colors. The kids are responding very well, although my husband has yet to see what's going on. I'll be interested to see his reaction. I also thought I'd do a few drawings in color, which is really stepping out for me. They are still just drawings of dead people on trash, but maybe someone will take a risk on one. I hope so.
And if my husband hates it, I can always repaint. *


neilornstein said...

Hi Natalie:
If I ever start a rock band I will not call it "Ooze Do-wah" or "Ernie's Goat" ( my formerly favorite rock band names that were thought up by my friend Ted Quinlin). No, I shall call it "Drawings of Dead People on Trash".

You, as you often do, have made my day.

imwithsully said...

I really like the Library People. That is a great idea. You've got some good stuff here. kim

Detlef said...

I especially like the map portrait, you do the combination of used materials and portraits exceptionally well.