Monday, March 03, 2014

Fun With Anthropomorphics

I actually engaged in a little art therapy a couple of weeks ago, which resulted in this indifferent little harpy. She started with a digital collage, then a drawing with a sharpie that was scanned and reworked in Photoshop. I liked her so much I used her for some fun products that will never sell on Zazzle.

Zazzle is great to work with, and I have over 60,000 products there. Sadly, it doesn't come close to making me a living, which is why I also work at the Christian place and the Big Box. It is like a giant vortex, sucking the life out of me. Meh.


Amber said...

She is pretty. I like the colors you chose too.

anne said...

Happy to see your blog renewal. Sorry to hear the year has been so hard for you and your husband.
I love the personal expressions you share on the blog and you have inspired me to try to renew my own blog.
Think of you often, even grabbed a few images on Pinterest. Stay well, anne ( one of your old Wilmington fans.)