Saturday, April 17, 2010

New Uses for Old Golf Clubs

I don't golf. I don't even follow the sordid details of Tiger Woods' life apart from what I read in line at the grocery store. So it comes as no real surprise that I have no real need for a set of golf clubs. However, I have managed to collect a slew of them from various places. Habitat for Humanity stores are a great place to go if you have need of such things. I really needed a way to put them to work in the garden, and trellising looked like just the right spot. I used old golf clubs and mason's line in some raised beds next to a chain link fence to make this excellent support for my sugar snap peas to grow on. Their weight makes them very stable with the addition of some rock anchors. I'm going to look for some other ways to make use of the remainder of my club collection. If you have pictures of some other uses for old golf clubs, post the links in the comments.

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Anonymous said...

You know what else works great for a lot of similar uses? The "fiberglass" tent poles used on a lot of dome tents. People usually just chuck 'em after the tent fabric goes bad, but the poles are just fine and kinda handy!
Totally agree with your appreciation of John Welles. What a brain! What a beard. Maybe he can get a gig with ZZTop if the homestead thing doesn't pan out ;-)