Sunday, November 23, 2008

St Joseph Will Help Sell Your House

I am trying to sell my house so I can get out of Arizona. Could I have picked a worse time to do so? I doubt it.

My real estate agent is of the opinion that I have about as good a chance of being hit by lightning as selling my house. I can't decide if I appreciate his candor or not.

Some friends advised me that the thing I needed to do was to bury a statue of St. Joseph upside down in the front yard, and a sale would surely be forthcoming. Being as how I'm not Catholic, this was news to me, so I looked it up online, which is pretty much how I start anything these days.

St. Joseph refers to Joseph, the adoptive father of Jesus. If you will remember, he had a lot of housing issues. There was no room in the inn, so they took up residence in a stable. Then, they fled to Egypt, then they returned, but this time to blend into the quiet of Nazareth. So if you think about it, he should be plenty sympathetic to people with housing issues.

I researched online, and found that most authorities on this subject say that you should bury your statue of Joseph upside down in the front yard, with him facing your house, and in close proximity to the For Sale sign. If he faces the street, then the house across the street may sell instead of yours. However, if you have neighbors you don't like, you might try burying a statue of St. Joseph upside down pointing toward their house, so that maybe St. Joseph will get them packing instead.

Needless to say, I now have his statue buried in my yard, accompanied by many prayers. Now what I need is a good thunderstorm.

The drawing is Library People #116. 


studio lolo said...

I know you've been homesick for a while. I remember you giving me advice to run as fast as I can when we were trying to move this past spring. The job fell through so the move didn't happen.
Now the holidays are here and that's the time I miss New England the most. Not that my friends here are chopped liver, but it's not the same.
I wish you the best in finding your way back.
FYI, one of my friends here is a big Feng Shui believer and she buries a St. Joseph statue every time she sells a home. This time it didn't work for her either. Looks like Joe can't work miracles with this economy :/

Ayala Art said...

I laughed so hard after reading your post. I remember we used to chat in the art groups (ID passion4colour). I haven't been around much lately but it was good to bump into your blog. :oD I hope you sell your house soon. I'll go get my own statue as well! (But my Nativity will be incomplete). lol

Gil said...

As crazy as burying a St. Joseph statue sounds it works. We sold our house in a couple of weeks after burying a statue.
Before that no interest in the house at all. Just lookers no bites.
The funny thing is that in a townhouse complex like ours there are many houses alike. One just like ours has been for sale for months now and for less money. It's still for sale. Strange !!!