Monday, July 14, 2008

A Man May Know

What I find most difficult with my life currently is that there are just 24 hours to a day, and I usually have enough work on hand to fill about 36. I get a lot done, but I still fall short of the goals I have set.
I did a few pieces recently, which I sold directly to the Canadians, and therefore didn't auction. This is one called "A Man May Know." Sounds important, doesn't it? [I love art that sounds important, don't you?] I actually glued a bunch of stuff over the rest of the quote without bothering to analyze exactly what it is that a man may know.
Yes, apathy is a dreadful thing.
I am not usually all that apathetic. I think some of it has to do with the forthcoming of menopause. Or is it mentalpause? I get confused. All I know is that it is hard to get really excited about anything when the temperature outside is hovering at about 108, and you are having a hot flash, which is a pretty fair assessment of my life just now. I should have packaged myself with my artwork and mailed myself to Canada.
And as for men knowing, I imagine that it is just as well that the rest of the quote is covered. We all need a little mystery in our lives.

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orangefrute88 said...

i am feeling your hot pain. but truly, so very glad you are creating, your art is just amazing. i have some of your pieces hanging in my home and each and every one of them brings me joy. x