Sunday, December 23, 2007

Fiber Arts

I needed a little diversion from my usual artwork, so I decided to do some sewing and knitting.
I admit it. I'm a fabric junkie.
Most people who sew tend to accumulate a few scraps and things. Not me. 35 years of sewing, not to mention that costume design degree, left me a backlog of fabric of near epic proportions. I decided to loose a few pounds, and support the local quilting ministry in the process. So I went through my considerable stash, unloading over 100 pounds of superfluous fabric, leaving me with a mere 200 extra pounds hanging about the house. Time to recycle. Al Gore would be so proud.
I did some sewing and knitting for Christmas. You can find things like this slightly irreverent combination of vintage Japanese silk and camouflage material in my etsy store. Please pop by and take a look.

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