Friday, October 26, 2007


I usually find younger people to be less interesting to draw, although with the advent of so much cosmetic surgery and botox, older people may not be so much fun either. This girl, however, was intriguing to me with her upturned nose and deep set eyes. She was perfect for a book discarded from the North Arkansas Regional Library.
I miss the south. There is a beauty to the desert, but it doesn't speak to my soul. I hope I won't be wandering around in it for 40 years like a child of Moses.
One of the good things about Arizona is that there is little opportunity for fires such as the ones I unexpectedly visited over the weekend in California. Here, there is nothing to burn but rocks.
I suppose every place has its problems.

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Forever Young said...

ther is so much pain, beauty and 'life' in all of your faces.