Monday, February 26, 2007

Illustration Friday: Communication

Isolation is not exactly what I pictured for my life years ago. Although I enjoy my anonymity, recently my life often seems to consist of snippets of information as I carry my children from one activity to another, and rarely anything that might resemble a meaningful conversation. I remember growing up in the 60's, and looking at the women's magazines at my aunt's house on Sunday afternoons when there was little else to do. It seemed the whole world was having interesting parties, barbeques, and get togethers with neighbors. It looked so intriguing and glamorous in the glossy pages printed with modern colors that I could only dream of on her cold, pleather sofa. Yet here we were, suspended in a limbo of boredom.
Now that I have relocated 2500 miles from "home", I find myself again suspended in that limbo. My attempts at conversation frequently fall on the ears of others as though I were speaking a foreign language. Last night I managed to have only the second real conversation with someone outside my family since I moved here. It was nice to feel a little connected to this part of the world.
If only for a moment.


catnapping said...

My mom used to start up conversations with people in the check-out line.

It's not quite the same as talking, but there are forums around the net where folks talk about common interests. Yahoo has groups, and MSN has millions of them....many dealing with crafts and art.

Another great place to try is the bottom of their articles, they have links to read comments...but I should warn you, you'll want to use a hotmail or msn account...and even'll want two windows open, cuz they tend to stall. when you "sign-in" to reply to others' posts, you'll want to back up to the point of the post you were responding to,and then hit reply ... again. LOL

But at both places, try avoid posters who try to make everything personal. And don't email anyone, until you've really gotten to know them. I got burned doing that. But the onsite conversations can be very intelligent.

MSN groups(Be sure to deselect the 'show email' box.)


catnapping said...

OMG...I got so into your message that I forgot to tell you what I thought of your collage!

This is beautiful work. I love the colour, and the balance is perfecto!

Alina Chau said...

THis is awesome!! Love the mix media!

Robert McLaughlin said...

I like your illustration. Reminds me also of growing up in the 50s and 60s.

I know your feeling of lonliness in a new place. I think the only cure is time, and making the effort to become acquainted with others around you.

Detlef said...

Two thumbs up. Your work is always extraordinarily interesting.

*Peruvian Princess* said...

Great piece. Communication....yeah, what the hell is it anyway, and why do we need it so...and why does it feel so good when we connect with someone else..
nice to hear your thoughts, great piece.

AscenderRisesAbove said...

fascinating image; also like the one above too; wonderful work