Monday, January 22, 2007

Valley of the Sun

It sounds so warm and pleasant, Valley of the Sun. One envisions palm trees, sparkling pools, and happy people with umbrellas in their drinks listening to Frank Sinatra on transistor radios by the aforementioned sparkling pools. Not. I often think I must have a third eye, as people tend to act as though I have fallen here from another planet. I suspect the feeling is mutual more often than not. Adapting to a new environment has not been easy, and perhaps I am too old to make this transition gracefully, but I am persevering, nonetheless. Still, I run afoul of local custom too frequently. Who knew one must show up at the dentist with your own set of xrays? It's the law, here, I'm told. If you don't bring your xrays [like I carry them around in my purse] then you can not have your teeth cleaned. Interesting concept. The people at the Department of Motor Vehicles make up their own rules as they go. What is OK by one teller is definitely against the law with another. It's a bit like the twilight zone. I intend to make this work. Maybe I need to slip an umbrella into my lemonade and chill a bit by the pool. As soon as it warms up.

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