Friday, April 07, 2006

Crimes and Misdemeanors

I have spent most of my week on jury duty; which while being a major inconvenience in my life, was also a fascinating experience. I was seated as a juror on a criminal trial. Now, why anyone would want me as a juror, I can not fathom, but there I was. It was quite intriguing in all its subtleties and nuances, the questioning of jurors and witnesses, the posturing of the lawyers, and the remarkable lapse in memory of the law enforcement officers. Don't they review their notes? And then there are the actual players, whose futures ride on the decision of twelve people who want to go home. I sketched out people between sessions, although not the people envolved in the case. It was an amazing week. I would do it again in a heartbeat.


neilornstein said...

If this is what jury duty inspires you to do, you should sign up for every trial.
As for the vaguries of human memory under stress I know it well. In my other life I am a lawyer and I do everything in my power to encourage my clients to document their affairs when things seem to be sliding in the direction of conflict. I have a great horror of what I call "I said, she said" cases.

Oh, and try not to miss any more posts I need my weekly hit of ottoart.

Sal said...

Me too Neil.

This is a fabulous drawing Natalie! I can imagine jury duty being fascinating but I don't think they'll ever want me.... far to left wing!